Technical Service
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Our Commitment To Service

At SunBelt, we know that our customer’s job is not complete until the product is packaged and ready for shipment.

In a world of round-the-clock production, high-speed automation and tightly managed inventories, our customers require more than just the highest quality products. They demand absolute reliability and rapid response from their packaging supplier. That is why customer service is SunBelt’s passion, and we deliver it in unmatched fashion every day of the week and any hour of the day or night.

What is the first word in customer service? Customer.

While this seems obvious, how often in our daily lives do we experience a company or a person whose behavior indicates an inability to answer this simple question correctly?


Whether it’s buying a car, seeking assistance with a computer problem or inquiring about health insurance coverage, we all have similar expectations as consumers about what constitutes good customer service. And we all know that the most important trait in delivering superior service is a positive and caring attitude.


Everyone at SunBelt knows that each and every customer has the first and the last word on how, when, why and whether our business will succeed. And our success is only possible if each customer’s product is shipped on-schedule, damage-free and within budget. Not just this time, but every time.


SunBelt’s operating philosophy is based on the understanding that our customers’ packaging requirements are not just another supply item. They are a critical component of shipping products and therefore an essential element in generating revenue. Furthermore, since packaging serves a key role in the production and shipping process, packaging customer service must be more than a 9:00-to-5:00 order processing function.


At SunBelt, we are problem solvers for our customers, whether the solution involves designing unique applications, sourcing hard-to-find materials at favorable prices or repairing a packaging line in the middle of the night. So, from answering the phone with a live person to responding rapidly after-hours, from offering inventory management services to same-day rush delivery of critical items, SunBelt is here to earn and re-earn your business with every opportunity we have to serve you.