Automated Equipment
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Equipment Sales

SunBelt Packaging offers a “turnkey” operation when it comes to packaging equipment. When we sell any type of machine, we offer our customer installation services, training, and a warranty program which guarantees that if something happens to your machinery, our technical staff is there to provide service, parts and instruction at any time of day or night.


For more detailed information on our equipment please view/download our catalog

Stretch Wrapping Equipment

We are a proud distributor of Orion Packaging® stretch wrappers. We feature superb quality semi-automatic, automatic, orbital and specialty stretch wrapping units. They can be fit to accommodate any one of your packing lines, and come with many additional upgrades, packages and warranties.

Shrink Wrapping Equipment

SunBelt provides a complete equipment line for your shrink wrapping needs. We offer L-Sealers®, Shrink Tunnels, Omni-Form Seal Wrappers®, and the Conflex Shrink Line®. We proudly sell Sealed Air Corporation® product lines which are top of the line in the industry.

Strapping & Equipment

We sell strapping equipment, including automatic, semi-automatic, side seal, top seal, horizontal and manual strapping systems. We feature such leading manufacturers as Pac Strapping®, Samuel’s Strapping®, Polychem®, & Strapack®. We also stock reconditioned machines as a lower cost option.


SunBelt stocks strapping tools for all your strapping needs. We sell manual sealers, tensioners and combination tools, as well as pneumatic and friction weld tools. We proudly sell Pac®, Samuel’s®, Polychem®, ZR® and Titan® tools as well as many refurbished and reconditioned tools.

Carton Sealing Equipment

SunBelt can suggest many carton sealing equipment options for your carton sealing needs. With names like Shurtape® and Intertape®, we offer top of the line equipment at competitive prices for your carton sealing needs.

Case Erectors

SunBelt is a high-end supplier of case erecting equipment. We provide case erector bottom sealers, random case sealers automatic case sealers, trayformers, and product settling and sealing equipment.


SunBelt provides top-line conveyors and sortation equipment from suppliers such as Nestaflex®, Hytrol®, and Shuttleworth®.

Labeling and Case Coding Equipment

Whether you need a preprinted label applied to your boxes or you need labels printed and applied in multiple ways, SunBelt offers a variety of high-quality equipment to mark or code your product

Void Fill Equipment

SunBelt provides air pillow machines and paper void fill machines to tailored to your specific application.

Carton and Case Packing Equipment

With the help of our partners at Arpac, we can provide all types of case packing equipment.