Sunbelt Packaging LLC | About Us
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About Sunbelt Packaging

Sunbelt Packaging is a company comprised of passionate people just like our customers.

Sunbelt Packaging is a company comprised of passionate people just like our customers. We are dedicated professionals, honest partners, demanding consumers, loyal customers, growth-oriented individuals, and supportive teammates. Our product offering consists of flexible packaging materials and automated packaging equipment, but customer service is our business. Like any service business, our success derives from the quality of our people. Quality in people means more than skills and experience – it is rooted in values and attitude.

Our Heritage

Sunbelt was founded in 1980 to supply specialty products for niche applications in the textile industry. We later expanded into flexible packaging materials in order to capitalize on our strong service reputation. By broadening our focus and expanding our reach through acquisitions, we have grown to become a leading provider of flexible packaging materials and automated packaging equipment in the Southeast.

Our Future

Sunbelt’s commitment to growth underlies our obsession with rising everyday to meet the challenge of exceeding your expectations. We work tirelessly to create better and more cost-effective solutions for our customers. These efforts have in turn made Sunbelt a better supplier. In a dynamic global business climate, we know that this cycle of continuous improvement is the only path to build secure partnerships that produce long-term growth. Aligning with industry leading customers assures us of the opportunity for continued growth but also demands that we reinvest in and reinvent our business in order to satisfy each customer’s requirements.

SunBelt Packaging provides absolute reliability in a world of round-the-clock production, high-speed automation and tightly managed inventories. Let’s talk. Find out more about how we can help you.